We Won’t Be Beat!

First off, the staff at Mile High Card Company would like to offer our sincere thanks for helping us deliver another wildly successful auction, once again re-writing the record book for prices realized on several items. We are working diligently to get items shipped to winning bidders and payments to our valued consignors as quickly as possible while diving right back in with our April Extra Innings Auction, which went live on Monday, April 14th and will conclude on Wednesday, April 23rd.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve solicited feedback from current and potential consignors in an effort to make MHCC your action house of choice and have received some very constructive reactions. As a result, we’ve made some changes that allow you, the consignor, to pick the program that best suits your needs!

The Choice is Yours

Whether you’re a dealer that needs some up-front cash or a collector that prefers a stronger bottom line, Mile High Card Company stands ready to accommodate! We’re now offering three different consignment plans specifically tailored toward the preferences of those that make our company successful. MHCC is already the established leader in prices realized, but now we’re striving to offer the best consignor deal in the business! When you consign to a Mile High Card Company auction, you can choose which deal works best for you:

1) Consignor Cash Back Rewards

Tired of paying a consignment fee? How about if we pay you instead? Under this program, our consignment fee starts at 0% and only gets better from there! For consignments valued above $2,500 up to $7,500, you get the full sale price before the BP plus an extra 1%. For consignments up to $15,000, you get an extra 2%. Up to $30,000, it’s an extra 3%. Up to $50,000 is an extra 4% and for consignments above $50,000 it’s an extra 5%. If you choose this program, we’ll evaluate the approximate value of your consignment and provide the corresponding rate, or more precisely, the fee we will be paying you for the privilege of offering your prized collectibles. Once that rate is determined, you’re locked in at that number, regardless of the actual result. You get everything plus a little extra, which could amount to hundreds if not thousands of dollars on top of it!

2) Cash Advances

Perhaps you have an item that you know would reach its maximum potential in an MHCC auction but time is of the essence and you need some quick cash. No problem, MHCC is ready to offer you a generous cash advance! It’s basically an interest-free loan against the future sale of your consignment at up to 40% of the value. This frees you up to take care of your pressing financial concerns without sacrificing the opportunity to get the absolute best prices. Don’t miss out on the next big deal because you’ve got your funds tied up in the last one!

3) Consignor Loyalty

The Consignor Loyalty Program is MHCC’s version of “frequent flyer miles” with points accruing from each auction based on the dollar value of the consignments. Point totals can easily be tracked on your “My Account” page at the MHCC website and are redeemable for gift cards for such places as Ruth’s Chris, Best Buy, Apple and ITunes. You could even use it toward a PSA or VCP membership, or just let it accumulate and then get yourself an IPod Touch, an IPad, a Rolex watch, a cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean, or even a BMW 7-series sedan! It’s our way of rewarding you for rewarding us. All consigners that don’t request a specific option will automatically qualify for the Consignor Loyalty Program.

In addition to choosing which of the three options is best for you, we’ve streamlined the consignment process to make it as simple as possible. Essentially all you need to do is pack and ship and we’ll take care of the rest. For larger consignments, MHCC will pay the shipping with our FedEx account or even come pick up the items in person! We’ll email you a consignment contract that you can digitally sign and email back to us with just a few simple clicks of a mouse. As if our industry leading catalog, record breaking prices and unsurpassed customer service weren’t incentive enough to consign to an MHCC auction, our consignor-friendly rewards programs are just further proof that when it comes to consigning your fine items for auction, Mile High Card Company will meet or beat anyone!