Rare J. A. Peach Gloves Advertising Display To Be Sold In Mile High Card Company June Auction

Dating back to virtually the very beginnings of the game itself, baseball’s greatest players and most colorful personalities have been used by advertisers to endorse products ranging from sports equipment to tobacco products to candy and gum and just about every saleable item in between. And while Mile High Card Company has had the privilege of offering some of the most famous of baseball display pieces, notably the 1915 E145 Cracker Jack Advertising Display Poster and 1910 Christy Mathewson “Won in the Ninth” Cardboard Advertising Display, MHCC is extremely proud to present what is considered by many enthusiasts to be the single greatest baseball advertising display piece ever made: the 1910 Spectacular Peach Baseball Gloves Advertising Display in near pristine condition.

Produced for the J. A. Peach Company of Gloversville, New York, the approximately 19-½” x 29-¾” piece is a promotional advertisement for their baseball glove line that depicts a stadium scene with various players, coaches and fans. Perhaps trying to ride the coattails of the well-established A. J. Reach Company, J. A. Peach lined up every star of the day save for Joe Jackson for this display. Putting aside the rarity and historical significance of the piece, the sheer magnetism and use of color and design is simply breathtaking. Of the 19 professionals in the display, 13 are members of the Hall of Fame with Cobb, Wagner, Mathewson and W. Johnson leading a group that includes Speaker, Baker, Lajoie, Bender, Walsh, Bresnahan, Chance, McGraw and Mack. Originally discovered in worn condition, the piece has been expertly restored to its original mint-like state and any alterations, if you can even spot them, are completely unobtrusive. Given that only two other examples are known to exist, one of which resides in the Baseball Hall of Fame, this is simply the absolute gold standard of any and all advertising pieces

This tremendous item will be featured in Mile High Card Company’s June Auction. MHCC is presently accepting consignments, so if you desire the maximum possible return for your prized sports cards and/or memorabilia, please call our office at (303) 840-2784 to speak with one of our team of experts, contact us at www.milehighcardco.com.